Feira Laica

Filmes na 21ª Laica

In cinema DIY, LAICA NATAL on Dezembro 15, 2012 at 2:49 pm

Sábado, 15 Dezembro, às 17h30

Dias contados (58′, Portugal, 2012), de Renata Sancho

Dias contados regista o quotidiano de uma das mais carismáticas e importantes livrarias de Lisboa: a Sá da Costa, no Chiado.
O filme apresenta sete dias naquela livraria, entre o presente e o passado das palavras proferidas na inauguração em 1943 aos diários de José Gomes Ferreira.

Domingo, 16 Dezembro, 17h30

Série Infinite Whistle (Europa/ EUA, 2011-12): Gotland (Suécia), Rome and the Infinite Whistle (Itália), Vantaa and the Infinite Whistle (Finlândia) e Invisible Forces (Finlândia, 2011), de Julliacks

Invisible Forces :: Näkymättömiä Voimia (22′, Finlândia, 2011)

This Finnish + American trans-media artwork of comics, film, and performance installations are about the relationship between a character’s internal psychological and external physical world. As the story goes, Rody Plane is a young woman who has been pushed around by her caustic environment. She deals with this by retreating into a dissociative inner world, letting the invisible forces take control. Ultimately, Rody must take action. Will she be subsumed by the insanity within and without?

Gotland and the Infinite Whistle (9′ Suécia, 2011)

First of short film series,”The Infinite Whistle,” to be completed which is part of the greater project, “Architecture of an Atom”. Starring Josefin Alfredson Agnestig as the Infinite Whistle, this film shows the de-evolution of the fantasy group mind in and around the totem-The Infinite Whistle. Gotland and the Infinite Whistle is the culmination of the film shot in the summer of 2011 at Almedalen Week- a rock festival for politics in Gotland that was supported by the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, FilmCentrum Stockholm, FilmProduktions Gotland, and Nattlek Film Productions.

Rome and the Infinite Whistle (5′ Itália, 2012)

Is about a woman being imprisoned for her sexuality, and also about being trapped in general. Inspired by the space of the Forte Prenestino – a former military fort/jail which is the context of the comics festival and the story of Rhea Silvia- the mythical mother of Rome. The construction of this conflict is a battle with the sun and the creation of interiors within an interior. A shell within a shell. Shot with video, this collaboration with Amy Johnson was co-produced by Valerio Sciatto of Sciatto Productions and the Crack Dirompenti Fumetto Comics Festival.

Vantaa and the Infinite Whistle (6′, Finlândia, 2011)

Vantaa and the Infinite Whistle is the story about a group of dead mermaids who leave the lake to become soldiers of the forest. Their food and bounty is the Infinite Whistle, who with craft escapes their designs. Starring and co-produced by performance artist, Sari TM Kivinen as the Infinite Whistle, this project was shot with 8 mm film.

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    “Dias Contados” (58′, Portugal, 2012) de Renata Sancho
    Será projectado na 21ª Feira Laica Internacional a 15 Dezembro de 2012, às 17h30

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